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iOS Game Revenue & Launch Details

I started building Almost Impossible! for iOS on the 22nd of September. I didn't know what I was building, I was just tinkering about as I often do. After a few evenings it became apparent that I'd actually built a pretty fun prototype of a game. I started thinking perhaps this was something I could finish up and ship if I put my mind to it.

The Problem with App Store Reviews

The lack of customer and developer interaction on the App Store is a bit of joke. It's been seven years since the App Store launched and developers still have no way to respond to customer reviews. Just the other day I was trying to think of other online stores that only allow one way communication. I could't think of a single one.

The Mac App Store Still Needs Paid Upgrades

There’s a growing number of abandoned or apps missing from the Mac App Store, and this troubles me. I know there's always been abandoned software and there always will be. It just feels like there’s more of it now than ever before. Why is this?

Iterate and Release Often

You’ve spent the last six months or more working on a major overhaul of your app. You’ve refreshed the UI. Improved the app icon. You’ve even added a bunch of new features and removed the crusty old stuff that no one ever uses. You release it expecting universal praise. Instead, you're met with a barrage of angry tweets and a bunch of 1 star reviews from your once happy users.

Removing Distractions: Part 2

Late last year I was inspired to try and get back some focus and clarity in my life. I wrote an article explaining the reasons behind it. It was called "Removing Distractions". This is part 2. It’s now six months on and my life has changed because it, but I do have a confession to make first.

Choosing the Right Pricing Model for Your App

Choosing the right pricing model for an app is simple… pick anything other than freemium. Make your app paid and work out where the sweet spot is, keep increasing the price until you've pushed it too far then bring it back a little. If you've got an online component or are delivering new content regularly then make it subscription based. Pretty simple, right?

How I Raised $120,000 with Crowdfunding

I thought about building Realmac's next product the way we always do. Spend 6 to 18 months building an app in secret while using the revenue from our other products to keep the company going. Ship it once it’s perfect, then pray to the gods that people buy it so we can stay in business. Rinse and repeat.

WWDC Guide for Indies, 2015 Edition

The first year I went to WWDC they had early bird pricing. Apple offered tickets at a discounted rate to try and encourage developers to attend. That was pre-iPhone, way back in June 2007. A lot has changed since then. WWDC has become so popular that you now enter into a lottery system just for the chance to buy a ticket.

Product Revenue Snapshot

There's been a fair amount of talk lately about whether it's still sustainable to be an indie developer. The short answer is yes, but that doesn't mean it's easy. I think most developers will agree it's now harder than ever to make a living on the App Store.