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Why there’s no upgrade pricing for Transmit 5

July 24th, 2017

Last week Panic released Transmit 5, and as a long time user of Transmit, this was an instant purchase. I love the app and have used it since the good old days of the Classic Mac OS.

I did, however, find it interesting that Panic went with no upgrades and a discount for one week at launch. After the discount is over they are going to be fielding plenty of “How can I get upgrade pricing?” — This is something that will be ongoing for them over the next few years, and it’s going to suck for customers and those answering the support emails.

However, limiting the time of a discount at launch was a good move, as it will get more people to upgrade now for fear of missing out on a deal. Time pressure as a marketing tactic usually works.

The main reason Panic went with no upgrade pricing is because the Mac App Store still has no way of doing paid upgrades. If the Mac App Store didn’t exist then I’m 100% sure they would have offered upgrades. I believe Panic plan to launch Transmit 5 on the MAS at a later date, so not having to deal with upgrades gets rid of this one major headache.

It’s the rigidness of the Mac App Store that is still forcing Mac Indies to make these odd decisions when launching products. I wish Apple would introduce upgrade pricing on the MAS so developers can choose the revenue model that works for them and their customers rather than being dictated to.

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