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My music library is a mishmash of old mp3's, and "cloud music". Sometimes the albums that aren't stored locally won't play, or certain tracks are greyed out. Restarting iTunes a few times will sometimes fix this. Other times, I just have to move on and pick something else to play.

If I stop paying for Apple Music (or an artist decides to pull their songs from the service), then a lot of my music will just disappear. This thought makes me feel a bit uneasy, especially because music means so much to me.

I think it's only now that streaming services are the norm that people are beginning to realise there are some downsides to not actually owning your music.

If you love music (and I do), I feel all paths will eventually lead you back to vinyl. I'm not saying you have to go all in and ditch your music subscription. I think there's a middle ground.

Earlier this year I purchased a record player and started buying some of my favourite albums on vinyl. I'm already starting to see why people get hooked on collecting records; there really is something timeless and magical about listening to music in such an analogue way.

A few of the albums I've purchased are older than me. It blows my mind to think that the vinyl I'm playing was made before I was born, and has no-doubt been listened too by countless other people before me and made an impact on their lives. There's something special about that, and it's something that digital music just can't replicate.

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