I wish Apple wouldn't use leather

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As far as I can tell, Steve Jobs generally didn't eat animals. Every article I can find on it suggests that at different times in his life, he was either vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and even a fruitarian. A lot of articles suggest he did it for health reasons. I like to think Steve choose his diet for the health benefits as well as ethical reasons.

As far as I know, Apple didn’t release any new leather or animal-based products during the time Steve returned to Apple. Does Apple use animal byproducts in its computers? I’m not sure, I couldn’t find any evidence either way on that. Hopefully, it doesn’t.

Steve Jobs passed away in late 2011, and in 2013 Apple released its first leather case for the iPhone 5s. Since then Apple has had a growing range of leather-based accessories. Is this just a coincidence? Who knows. I usually roll my eyes when I hear the phrase "this wouldn't have happened if Steve Jobs was alive", but maybe this time, it’s true.

When you break it down and think about it, why would any sane person want to wrap their phone in the skin of a dead, tortured animal? The global leather trade is truly horrific/

It saddens me that one of my favourite companies, that usually appears to have great ethics is supporting the torture and killing of animals when it really doesn’t need too.

Apple often touts its environmental credentials over its competitors, but if it really wants to stand on higher ground and set an example of excellence then it needs to stop the slaughter of innocent animals for profit.

Update: Following further research, it turns out Steve did introduce a few leather-based products at Apple, namely the leather iPod case in 2006, and the leather iPad case in 2011. Regardless, the main point still stands. Apple should be better than this, they need to stop slaughtering animals for use in their products.

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