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When I was younger we had an Atari ST as our home computer, and while it was a great machine and I loved it dearly, I always found a lot of the games weren't quite as good as on the Amiga that a lot of my friends had.

I routinely used to go to my friend's house, and we'd play for hours on the latest Amiga games. I'm guessing this was the mid ...

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Over the last few years, I've rediscovered my love of old video games. It all started when I stumbled across people building and playing Mame arcade cabinets on YouTube. These things are essentially PC's running an emulator inside something that looks and feels like a classic arcade machine.

The best thing about a Mame based setup is that ...

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I think it’s pretty much every app developers dream to be featured in the App Store, and with the right planning (and a great app) this goal is very much within reach.

I’ve been lucky enough to have every one of the Mac and iOS apps I’ve worked on featured in either the Mac App Store or on the iOS App Store. These include Clear, Analog Camera, ...

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When I first started hiring people it was all very new and exciting. The company was finally growing after many years of just me working alone. I was looking forward to getting more people on board so we could do more, build better products.

I certainly wasn't qualified to interview and hire people, but when you run a company by yourself, ...

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If Apple wants the iPad to start making serious inroads into the pro market, and I believe they do, then they are going to need to release even bigger iPads. That may sound crazy, but hear me out.

For starters, I’d like to see an iPad around the 15-inch mark, akin to the MacBook Pro. Hell, maybe even 17 to 20-inch versions. If you spend a ...

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