Getting Started with App Previews

Dan Counsell on September 17, 2014

Apple have just introduced App Previews on the App Store alongside the release of iOS 8, if you’ve yet to create one for your app I’d encourage you to do so as soon as possible. App Previews are going to be a huge deal for app developers. They appear as the first image on your App Store product page, arguably they are going to be even more important than screenshots.

Do you suffer from PLD?

Dan Counsell on August 27, 2014

It’s Thursday evening, I’m feeling nervous, almost sick. I’m pacing around the kitchen staring intently at my phone like nothing else in the world matters. Everything rests on this, any minute now I’ll know for sure. I’ll find out if we made it.

Are You Building an App or a Business?

Dan Counsell on August 19, 2014

Running any kind of business is hard, and making a living from apps is no different. A commonly touted statistic is that 1 in 3 businesses will fail in the first three years. Very few businesses make it to 5 years, if you get that far you're obviously doing something right.

Advice on Building a Press List

Dan Counsell on July 22, 2014

It surprises me how many companies don’t keep a press list (also known as a media list). It’s honestly one of the most important things you can do for your business no matter what size you’re at. Ironically, it’s even more important for smaller indie studios, yet these are the very people that often don’t have them.

How to Produce an App Promo Video

Dan Counsell on July 2, 2014

Planning and filming a promo video for an app is hard work; it’s an art form in it’s own right. If you’ve never created one before it can be really tough, there’s no shortage of things that can go wrong on the day of filming. I thought it’d be useful to share some of the things I wish I’d known before I started making promo videos for our apps over at Realmac.

10 Examples of Great App Promo Videos

Dan Counsell on June 16, 2014

If you're planning your next big app launch, it's pretty much essential that you have a promo video to help generate hype and build excitement around your app. A great promo video will give users and the press something to talk about in the build up to launch.

Prototyping with Facebook's Origami

Dan Counsell on May 13, 2014

I've used Apple's Quartz Composer on and off for years, but it's always been a lot of work to get even a simple prototype up and running. That's all changed now that Facebook have released Origami. I've been using it a lot recently and it's amazing, if you're a UI or UX designer and have yet to build something with it you're seriously missing out.

Putting Together an App Press Kit

Dan Counsell on April 17, 2014

Having a great press kit is an essential part of every successful launch, it not only helps show off your app to its full potential, but also gives Journalists a single place to find everything they need. Most apps don’t have press kits and if they do they tend to be poorly put together.

Thoughts on Increasing App Revenue

Dan Counsell on April 2, 2014

If you’ve been developing apps for a while you’re going to be familiar with the following pattern: You launch a new app, the first week or two of sales are great, but then in the following months, sales start to slow down. Your app revenue is in gradual decline and you wonder when it will stop, and where your daily revenue is going to settle at. It finally settles, and of course it’s lower than you’d like, so what do you do now?

Prompting for App Reviews

Dan Counsell on March 4, 2014

Prompting customers to "Rate this app!" has become common practice, and unfortunately because it's so common, it's hard to go a few days without being pestered to leave a review. I don't think customers would mind being asked to leave a review for an app they love and use daily if they were asked at the right time, but unfortunately that's usually not the case.

Paid, Paymium or Freemium

Dan Counsell on January 27, 2014

Choosing the right pricing strategy for any new app is hard, but if you choose the wrong pricing model, it can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. In this article I'm going to cover the three main revenue models on the App Store and explain how to make sure you pick the one that's right for your app.

Why You Need a Great App Icon

Dan Counsell on January 1, 2014

With over 1 million apps on the App Store it’s now more important than ever to make sure the icon for your app stands out. A great app icon can be the difference between almost no downloads and hundreds, if not thousands of downloads. Think about how often you skip over apps with bad icons, I know I do it all the time.

What is App Store Optimisation?

Dan Counsell on December 12, 2013

I believe ASO is worth investing a little time in, because honestly, it has got to be better than just randomly picking your keywords without doing any research. First of all, I'd advise against paying anyone to do it for you, as it's something you can easily do yourself.

Designing Great App Store Screenshots

Dan Counsell on November 12, 2013

App Store screenshots are incredibly important to help apps gain more downloads, but unfortunately so many great apps get overlooked by potential customers because bland or poorly designed screenshots are being used on their App Store page. A huge percentage of app discovery happens through search, and if you take a look at how the search results are displayed, it's easy to see why great screenshots are so important.

How to Write an App Press Release

Dan Counsell on November 4, 2013

Getting press coverage for your app is really hard work, and unfortunately there's no shortcuts or quick hacks. Writing an average press release is easy, but making it really stand out is considerably harder. The simple fact is that editors and journalists are inundated with press releases every single week, and that severely limits your chances of getting a review or even a mention.

How to Build an App Landing Page

Dan Counsell on October 7, 2013

The App Store is a really tough place to find success. Now home to over 800,000 apps, competition has never been more fierce. Couple the sheer volume of apps with unscrupulous developers paying for reviews and buying installs and you could be forgiven for thinking your app will never make it in the charts. However, all is not lost.