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How to Photograph and Retouch iPhone Mockups

Lifestyle photography in app marketing is often overlooked and that's a real shame. Using great photography can help give a lot of context on how and where an app is supposed to be used, not to mention the aspirational aspect to it all. For example, a running app would be much more inspiring if it were seen in a joggers hand as opposed to a screenshot on a white background.

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Build a Great App but Don't Forget about Marketing

Whatever type of product you decide to build, you need to make sure it’s something you’re interested in, something you care deeply about. Don't build it if you're not passionate about the idea or possibilities it holds, don't build it because you think there's a gap in the market and it’ll make you millions, because it won’t.

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The Benefits of Selling Software outside the Mac App Store

When you get swept along in the shininess of the App Store it’s easy to forget that you no longer know who your customers are. You don’t have any of their details, you can't even respond to them when they leave a review on the App Store. The fact of the matter is they are really Apples customers, not yours.

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